Engineering Materials & Specialized Equipment Sourcing

We provide a professional sourcing platform for specialized engineering equipment’s & Products:

  • Sourcing of Engineering and Exotic Metals
  • Sourcing of Industrial Equipment like Boiler, Industrial Burners, chillers, Pressure Vessels, Rectors, Columns, LPG plant, SNG plant, Oxygen / Nitrogen plant, PSA, VPSA, ASP.
  • Souring of Oil & Gas Products like Gas conditioning skid, Gas reducing & metering skid, Pressure, Temperature, Level and flow transmitters,
  • Sourcing of DAM related products like, full range of gates, valve, Energy dissipating valve & Hallow jet valve.
  • Sourcing of Power products / equipment’s like Medium/low/high voltage transformer, MCB, ACB, Control room, Control Panels, Inverters, HV / LV cables, Instruments Cables, Solar Power System & other related accessories.
  • Sourcing of full range of ferrous & non-ferrous materials.
  • Sourcing of NACE MR-0175 compliance materials like PIPE, FITTINGS, VALVES and Flange Insulation kits.