Other Solar Systems

There are many others way to get power from solar such as:

  • Solar Power System for Home and Offices
  • Solar Energy Solution for Petrol Pumps
  • Solar Power Solution for Hospital
  • Solar Energy Solution for Advertiser; Billboards, Bus Stop Stands and etc.
  • Solar Power Solution for Water parks, family parks and etc
  • Solar Power Solution for Streets, Parks and buildings solar street lights
  • Solar Energy Solutions for Agriculture (Agriculture Solar)
  • Solar Power Solutions for Drip Irrigation System (Agriculture Solar)
  • Solar Power Solutions for Flood Irrigation(Agriculture Solar)
  • Hydropower System for remote areas
  • Wind Farm Solutions + Hybrid System (Wind + PV)

Floating bad Solar system for River

Solar Water Heater System

  • “Lighten for All” DC Portable Solar Kit Systemsfor remote areas
  • DC Portable Solar Kit Systems for Shops / moveable shops, Home, Offices and etc